TADAH!! ^∇^
Late upload much? lol with my two heros ♥ PANIPURI and SAMOSA CHAAT! Yummmmmmyy~
#penguins !! ^^~ ♥

Baekhyun’s chuseok greeting

baekhyun, the umbrella, the struggle

exo & tattoos ||  baekhyun  ||  sehun
Ke garuuuuu ke garuuu… what to do? what to do? …khola ma gara kattu dhuu xD …hahahaha so phunny… i need a life. bladdy hell
Treat after work! ㅋㅋㅋ ^^~ #Icecream icecream!
From the start, you irritate me. Saying selfish things, disturbing my feelings, making me fall for you, even so, easily leaving my side. What a cold-hearted person you are, yet still, I like you
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I lost my contact lens… how sad. Now i have to wear my glasses for a month… T_T 싫어!